Lean Management

Rising complexity in construction projects asks for sound use of resources and time to secure quality, safety and sustainability. This is why KAMPER relies on LEAN management.

Processes carried out by KAMPER have long been following these principles of clear interfaces, early in tune with all participants, since this has proven to establish high flexibility. LEAN management has found its way into construction projects in thoroughly prepared planning sessions which is why KAMPER constantly adapts its own processes to these emerging standards. And we do so joining forces with all parties involved to reduce waste and improve operations.

Which benefits does LEAN Construction Management yield?

The basic-most principle of LEAN management is to drop all possible steps that are not genuinely linked with customer advantages. Processes, thus, get leaner: over-digitalisation e.g. is discerned and can be replaced by truly helpful measures. Turning the perspective from the end point to preliminary steps also has proven to help reduce complexity and unnecessary efforts: construction processes can be carried out faster and with fewer mistakes. Good commitment is achieved when all parties are involved in fair and appreciative coordination meetings, which by themselves foster long-term cooperation with partners – which again helps establish an automated understanding of quality criteria.

LEAN management, not only in our own workshops but also in construction management, paired with BIM is a concept in which KAMPER sees  a high potential to the benefit of its partners.