April 26, 2023


KAMPER knows the importance of optimizing production processes and does so with financial support of the European Regional Development Fund.

Our latest investments, a press brake, a widebelt sanding and brushing machine, a state-of-the-art CNC machining centre, and a 3D-printer will enable us to increase our added value, accelerate our production processes and enhance our efficiency. The improved production flow and the planned expansion of our portfolio shall lead to organic growth and will enable us to recruit new employees for our workshops.

To reduce shortfall risks in our production, e.g. given the high load of combustible materials in our cabinet making workshops, our fire detection system has been enlarged.

Always looking for solutions, sustainability, and innovation … this is KAMPER … mastering your project.

(ERDF, German EFRE www.efre.gv.at)

January 09, 2024

A new project in Gorizia!

We at KAMPER are living for our visions and are always looking for innovative projects. One such vision is particularly exciting, and we will tackle it both as investor and project developer: We are in the process of taking over a historic monastery in Gorizia, in Northern Italy. Karl Kamper, partner in the Johann Kamper GmbH shared his feelings “It took no longer than a short tour around the premises and we knew that were had discovered something very special with high potential.”

This former monastery, situated in the old town centre of Gorizia, has for decades been the property of the Congregation of the Poor School Sisters of Notre Dame. The time for a redevelopment could not be better, since Gorizia and its Slovenian counterpart Nova Gorica will be European Capital Culture in 2025: A truly promising outlook into the future.

Our development concept for the property is as manifold as impressive: We plan to turn it into a multi-function complex with a public restaurant, a hotel, private apartments, a retirement home and medical offices. A fascinating project with a total usable space of about 12.000m2.

Retaining most of the historic structure will ensure that the particular charm of the premises will be retained. The adorable chapel will remain consecrated, which is of utmost importance to us. The six nuns currently living in the convent shall spend the evening of their lives in their well-known surroundings and in peace.

It gives us great satisfaction that we will be able to contribute to the cultural and social life in Gorizia and Nova Gorica, the more so in a period in which both will be the Cultural Capital of Europe.


November 22, 2023

Our structural engineering department thinks in new ways

Reliable building constructions – our structural engineering department thinks in new ways.


Structural analyses of building constructions need to meet standards and go beyond: our in-house structural engineers seek the innovative while most reliable solution.


Safety comes first –strong foundations for successful projects!

The fundamental importance of strong foundations of each and any building remains undisputed. Which is why safety is in the centre of our considerations. What else would be the key to successful projects? Our teams conceive load-bearing systems that not only meet demanding structural prerequisites but also equally demanding economic frameworks. We actively care about calculating loads and developing intelligent structural designs.


Motivation and know-how for visions and unique construction projects!

Motivation and expertise are the glue that holds our teams together. We are ready and prepared to take on your vision and innovative project and lead it to its 100 %, because we are KAMPER … mastering your project.



July 31, 2023

Pursuing innovation and visions: KAMPER scholarship granted to Jakob Resch

We at KAMPER believe in the importance of innovation and visionary thinking. Thus, we are particularly happy to take part in the University ofTechnology Graz international scholarship program and will support Jakob Resch in his endeavour to spend a semester at Seoul University. What an adventure! It is, indeed, at pleasure to support young talents and to help them broaden their mind. We are convinced that these talents are the ones who will create and shape our future and.



January 10, 2023

We are pleased to introduce our new image film. We are KAMPER!

We are pleased to introduce out new image film We are KAMPER!

For three generations, quality, reliability, innovation, and sustainability have been the pillars of our philosophy.

As general contractor we offer a one-stop service. We turn your vision into reality, our commitment always being 100%. Nation-wide and internationally.

More than 7000 projects, this is KAMPER …

mastering your project.


June 05, 2023

HIGH TECH in historic surroundings

“HIGH TECH in historic surroundings” – was the topic of a presentation done by Friederike Prassl and Johannes Schatzer at the Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering at FH Joanneum University of Applied Science. Friederike and Johannes shared their knowledge of and experience with the highly demanding technical equipment that was built into the historic doors of the Austrian Parliament Building. Not only were the dimensions of up to 5m in hight way out of the ordinary, but also the combination of fire protection, automation, security, and access control in the historic doors challenged our team of engineers for months. Eventually solutions were developed and presented in the course of this evening. A high degree of expertise together with an eye to every delicate detail were necessary to restore and upgrade these precious doors. Yet, we devoted ourselves100 % to the project and are truly proud of the result.

July 27, 2022

KAMPER sees high potential in the improvement of manufacturing processes and does wo with funding of the EFRE

Innovation and sustainable behaviour have always been strong pillars in the nearly 60 years of our company’s history. Our latest acquisition, a metal tube laser cutting machine relies on both.

While production processes will be further improved, a wide range of new products can now be fabricated in our own workshops. This prepares us well for future projects and bears numerous advantages: We reduce transportation, and thus CO2 emissions, and contribute to local value addition. We are more than pleased that we will be able to offer our clients additional flexible, cost efficient, as well as sustainable services.

The project will be funded by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG) and the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and with REACT-EU-means.

For further information about IWB/EFRE read www.efre.gv.at


June 29, 2022


Taking over responsibility is daily business for us, and we do so towards our clients, our team and with a view to sustainable development. This is, why in 2021 we felt the necessity to rethink our vision and embarked on the KAMPER GOES GREEN path. As the title suggests we decided to run our construction sites as well as the offices in Tillmitsch, Vienna or Frankfort with raised ecological awareness and with an eye to resource saving behaviour.

What do we understand by going green?

We have invested in sustainable energy generation at our head office in Tillmitsch and are now fully independent from the electricity market. We reduce paper wastage in communication: Mails, orders, invoices, and other documents are exchanged and filed electronically. Our invoices are printed only if our clients request this. All workshops and assembly bases (7,000m2) are equipped with LED lighting, any heat conduction has received thermal insulation, all machines are maintained and serviced to be operated in an energy-saving mode. Our teams are constantly encouraged to monitor their own behaviour and to save resources and sort waste appropriately.

But our responsibility does not end there: In our daily work we put an increasing emphasis on designing projects the sustainable way (LEED), always putting energy and environmental aspects high up on the agenda, for us and future generations. We are convinced that complex projects turn out best if tackled in innovative ways with a strong focus on ecological criteria.

We have committed ourselves to consistent development and to making a daily contribution to a greener future.



May 04, 2022

Parkhotel Egerner Höfe a highlight in KAMPER’s list of references

A sincere love for their own county and a true passion for details – these might well be the two features that perfectly round up the result of 9 months of renovation works at Parkhotel Egerner Höfe. The team of LSA Architekten GmbH were chosen to create a unique place that invites their guest to dwell.

WE at KAMPER embarked on this 9-month journey with true commitment and put our heart and soul into a project full of real challenges: Producing and installing vast bespoke wall claddings was an adventure in itself and there was no corner that had not been meticulously designed and needed to be taken care of with much devotion. But this is what we love doing, this is where we are in our element.

The choice of materials was clear right from the beginning: Oak meets brass in a masterly way requiring great craftsmanship. The redesign of the entrée with lobby, bar, library, reception and lounge areas was done with 100% KAMPER passion. Clear-cut design, precise straight moulding plus the additional acoustic properties were melted into a convincing design that creates a cosiness of its own. And again, solid wood and brass, delicately joint. The same goes with the exclusive restaurant Dichter, honoured with a Michelin star, where refined architectural details elegantly complement the chef’s creations. The leather rhomboid wall and ceiling cladding elements render balanced cosiness to the large glazed areas. Precision, heart and soul are the triangulating the concept Egerner Höfe stands for and were equally needed by KAMPER to meet this demand.

All-together, Kamper was awarded the cabinet making works for:

  • 81 suites and rooms, where regional natural materials, wallpapers and textile wall claddings and traditional frame constructions set the tone
  • The spa- and indoor-pool areas, with its stunning linear and clear-cut design of oak claddings on ceiling and walls
  • The Hofkino, a luxury indoor cinema theatre, a room that wishes to address all senses, with an elegant colour scheme and acoustically ideal for either film or sports broadcast
  • The in-house designer shop – in oak and gold-anodized aluminium, following the design concept of the entire house
  • The show cases that meet high security standards while catching the eye, equalling the high standard of the precious objects on display, such as watches by WEMPE.

KAMPER’s participation in the Hotel Egerner Höfe refurbishment was a journey adorned with several quests to be mastered and is most certainly a highlight in KAMPER’s list of references. Even if the process of realization has now been finished, the guests still perceive the devotion that was invested by each and any party involved to turn the first design studies into such a masterpiece.

We were part of it, we are KAMPER… mastering your project


June 10, 2021

KAMPER has made climate protection one of its goals and invests in a photovoltaic plant supported by the European Fund for Regional Development

Responsible use of resources and awareness of our ecological foot print are more than words for Kamper. We sense our responsibility and have thus actively set ourselves an agenda to protect the environment by changed behaviour and by means of investments also. Photovoltaic plants that generate electricity from the sun are operated 100% climate neutral and do not produce any CO2 emissions. Thus, we decided to switch our power supply to renewable energies and will equip our premises with a PV-plant.

KAMPER’s energy consumption at the head-quarter is 630.0100 kWp per year, the new plant has been optimized for our individual supply and will generate 213.000 kWh or 33.8% of our yearly consumption with solar energy.

We are delighted that the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) supports our decision to invest in sustainable energy generation with funding. This support is being organized by the European Structural and Investment Funds which acts as an important catalyst for the maintenance of standards of living.

KAMPER sees it a duty to promote exemplary and sustainable action and is happy to contribute its share for a greener future.

For further information to IWB/EFRE go to www.efre.gv.at


October 28, 2020

Kamper Expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Kamper aspires to be your innovative one-stop provider for general contractor works: Offering a scope of nine crafts – from construction management to cabinet making, from metalworking to dry wall building – our potential is manifold. Two years ago, the in-house MEP department has been installed alongside cabinet making and metalworking and our clients enjoy the benefits of more flexible and individually adjustable  processes. This year we went one better and have set up our own Building Information Modeling (BIM) department with experienced specialists who now create virtual building models and provide and secure digitalisation of all building information from the first moment on.

BIM is achieved by linking all relevant information to a 3D model. This true 3D representation of the building to be constructed, is then loaded onto a platform, providing full access to all companies and individuals involved. Automatic collision checks help guarantee quality control throughout all planning and construction phases. Risks can be minimized and optimal use of resources and higher effectiveness lead to cost minimization. Kamper provides planning for construction works as well as electrical and HVAC installations in 3D models.

BIM Manager Sebastian Pakosta: “BIM helps us scale up our range of performances to project development also, and we do so to reduce interface related complications and speed up preparation and construction processes themselves. Cutting-edge technology additionally helps us with renovation projects: A state-of-the-art 3D Laser has been purchased to scan existing building structures; data can be read out and processed to be used for most accurate 3D-modelling. And finally, visualisations become even more perceptible in advance, when Kamper uses VR-glasses at a point in time where the project only existed in the heads of clients and planners.”

 If you are interested in more information about the services of our BIM department go to https://www.kamper.at/en/bim-building-information-modeling/


August 05, 2020

KAMPER Team to climb the highest mountain in Austria

On the last weekend of July, a team of KAMPER employees set off for the small town of Kals am Grossglockner to take on the adventure to climb the highest mountain in Austria, the Grossglockner.

After a joint dinner at the Lucknerhaus pension and a last “good” night’s sleep, the group took the route to the Luckner hut and Stüdl hut. At Stüdl hut the lunch break also served for changing gear since from that point on, Ködnitzkees glacier and rock were waiting. Four guides safely accompanied our group to Adlersruhe shoulder. Erzherzog Johann hut provided shelter for our mountaineers who more or less successfully seeked rest for the next day.

Early on Saturday morning, at 5:30 am, the group braved adverse weather conditions with heavy snow, fog and low temperatures and set off to Glocknerleitl, a pretty steep ice slope, crossed rocky terrain to rise up to Kleinglockner spur. From there, a short drop leads to famous Obere Glocknerscharte, a true knife edge gap, beyond which a short rock crest is all that remains to the large cross on the summit.

Weather conditions had not changed a bit, and so the glorious panorama of mountain ranges in all directions hid itself behind clouds. But off course, the euphoric sensations on top of Austria’s highest summit prevailed. Grossglockner, with a height of 3798m above sea level is one of the most relevant peaks of the Hohe Tauern Range and its first ascent marked the birth of alpinism in the Eastern Alps.

After a short break at the majestic cross on top, the teams joined again at Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte to share the traditional “summit beer”. Exhausted but truly happy they returned to Stüdl hut to end that day rejoicing in this amazing experience. On Sunday, the team returned to the company’s headquarter after breakfast only to be warmly welcomed with a huge transparent.

Warm thanks go to Michaela Liebminger for perfect organization and to Manuel Pampel who contributed photos.

May 26, 2020

Successful completion of first construction phase at Viking-themed hotel “Midgard” in the Ostsee Resort Damp

During winter and spring 2019/20, the VAMED-group engaged in massive renovation works in their hotel in the Ostsee Resort in Damp. KAMPER was awarded the general construction works. 405 guest rooms and 95 offices in two axes of this complex and the centrally arranged public areas were refurbished. The Viking-themed hotel “Midgard” opened its gates for the first guests in mid-May, right as scheduled.

The outside of the hotel remained largely untouched, the interior, however, received a Viking-style face-lift with the lobby arranged like a Viking village. While this project was a challenge due its size and complexity already, the MEP-works that made up some 40 % of the entire project were a daring endeavour by themselves. The Viking-style furniture was produced in Kamper’s cabinet-making and metal-working workshops. A team of 20 project and construction supervisors perfectly managed several hundred workers on site and provided a smooth surrounding for everyone in Damp.

The two CEOs of the KAMPER Handwerk+Bau GmbH, Martin Kamper, MSc and BM DI (FH) Markus Kleindienst, MBA are delighted that this first project phase has been completed: ”We thank our highly qualified team, our own workshops, the competence in each and any craft and the first-class project management for without, success in this project could never have been achieved.”

March 10, 2020

Sustainability training for KAMPER’s apprentices

One of the workshops organized within the newly founded KAMPER Academy invited all apprentices of KAMPER currently employed in the office and in the metal working and cabinet making workshops to develop a profound knowledge of sustainability measures. Sound use of energy, a clever approach towards energy consumption and CO2-emissions, waste reduction and correct waste separation measures were presented and their feasibility in the company as well as in private households discussed. All participants were encouraged to actively approach environmental issues.

The two workshops were organized by disposal expert Johann Schantl, FCC Austria Abfall Service AG, and energy expert DI(FH)Peter Enderle, Msc, iW consulting Engineers e.U.

KAMPER has long engaged itself in sustainability and resource-friendly production processes and these workshops reflect just this commitment. CFO Ines Kamper: “Being awarded the title Excellent Apprenticeship Company we consider it our duty to also tackle sustainability issues with our apprentices. They shall grasp the importance of environmental concerns and shall take away knowledge for their future careers and equally for their private lives. We want them to develop a clear understanding of sustainability and of the value of highly profitable reusable materials that otherwise would fill up landfills.”

February 25, 2020

KAMPER has extended its production line with a new Four Side Moulder Machine

KAMPER Handwerk+Bau continues to keep its metal and cabinet working equipment up-to-date: The latest acquisition is a Four Side Moulder Machine by Homag. This new moulding and profile cutting machine MOULDTEQ M-300 enables our teams in the workshops to process work pieces in on step only with several moulding and profile cutting taking place simultaneously. Once the workpiece is guided along the ruler, it runs automatically through the machine where individually activated planing and cutting steps take place.

Workshop manager Herbert Weixler: ”Quality is our top priority. This high-tech four side moulder and profile cutter helps us to further improve the dimension accuracy and surface quality of our work pieces. All this with an impressive variety of profile cutting possibilities.”

February 18, 2020

Excursion Day to KAMPER!

Pupils in their 3rd year at the local primary in Tillmitsch school spent exciting days at the workshops of KAMPER Handwerk+Bau GmbH. In the course of a project initiated by the provincial government together with national authorities, the children first made a tour through the workshops and later were encouraged to build two nice little wooden workpieces: a ladder and a small wooden game. Andrea Matzer and Gabriele Hartl, our ladies in the cabinet maker’s workshop, supported the kids who showed great enthusiasm and really enjoyed themselves.

Headmistress Daniela Gaber: “We would like to express warmest gratitude to the team of KAMPER. Not only were the two mornings full of new information and fun, the two ladies in the workshop were particularly charming with the children. What is more all material, even a tasty snack was provided, all free of charge for our school!”

October 31, 2019

Junior metal technician Philipp Geckl demonstrated his skills at the federal apprenticeship competition 2019

Precision, speed, patience and determination were needed at the Austrian Federal Apprenticeship Competition for metal technicians 2019. It took place from October 18th to October 19th in Salzburg with an amazing 60 participants! 13 young metal technicians took part in the category metal working and sheet metal technology where the task was to build a sliding door element. Demanding welding technique was necessary, various other tasks had to be carried out in order to accomplish the task. Exact drilling decided between victory and defeat – only then the elements both straight and curved matched and could be correctly assembled. We are truly proud of our apprentice Phillip Geckl who missed the podium by half a point only. Congratulations, Philipp!

July 09, 2019

KAMPER pilgrimage to Mariazell

15 employees of KAMPER gathered for a pilgrimage to Mariazell from June 19th to 22nd 2019. The pilgrims started in the Kesselfallklamm close to Semriach and mastered 115km, +5135 and -4800 vertical metres during these four days. While hot weather conditions, blistered feet and knee problems did not make it easier, camaraderie and friendship were not missed out. The weather gods had mercy with the pilgrims and did not send rains. On Saturday around 1 pm and exhausted but very delighted, the entire team arrived in Mariazell and was greeted with a banner. Andrea Matzer, organizer of the pilgrimage: “I am proud of my comrades for they have all genuinely mastered the very strenuous long walk and that special camaraderie was forged among colleagues. In spite of all bodily exertions there was time to pause, to clear one’s mind and to refill batteries. To me, this was an incomparable experience which I shall always remember.”

July 04, 2019

Interior fittings for the Jimmy Choo Boutique in Vienna

Due to intense renovation works at the building complex at Graben in Vienna – the boutique of Jimmy Choo Vienna moved from Tuchlauben 4 to Graben 21. KAMPER acted as general contractor and was thus responsible for the redesign of the entry portal. Project manager Johannes Schatzer: ”There were challenges, indeed, such as coping with the level differences inside the store and the pedestrian area outside, surfaces had to meet the existing ones. But – we truly enjoyed working with Jimmy Choo.”

July 01, 2019

KAMPER apprentice to finish runner-up at provincial competition of junior metal workers 2019

This year’s provincial apprentice competition for metal workers took place on June 14th at the training institution Mureck. Philipp Geckl, apprentice in his third and final year of training finished runner-up among 13 participants in the category metal construction and sheet metal work. The task was to produce a metal railing made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, which required skills such as drilling, turning, bending and several welding techniques. Being runner-up he automatically qualified for the federal competition in Hallein in autumn. Apprentice trainer Nikolai Schwarz: “Having been awarded the national apprenticeship award we are proud of our junior metal workers when they perform well and achieve a podium finish in competitions. We congratulate Philipp to his success and wish him the best of luck and all the best for the national competition in October!”

Philipp Geckl
June 24, 2019

First encounter with the cabinet maker’s trade – primary school kids visited KAMPER

11 boys and girls of the 3rd grade primary school in Gralla and their teacher visited Kamper’s cabinet making workshop this week. Together they built wooden spirals and a tricky wooden game and had to saw, drill and oil their parts. At the end of the visit, each kid could take his or her little gadget home. This smart project was initiated by Mario Schneeberger, qualified joiner by himself and father of a family in Linz. This project started in Upper Austria and has now been introduced to Styria for the first time. It aims at familiarizing youngsters with this craft and perhaps planting seeds for future careers in a trade where Austria in some years could run short of skilled craftsmen. Joiner Andrea Matzer: “Our family owned company seeks to hold tradition high while contributing to future development. It was real fun to watch the kids busy with the fabrication of their gadgets. We are looking forward to the next group of kids join us!”

April 15, 2019

100% KAMPER – general contractor KAMPER Handwerk+Bau has expanded its portfolio and has established its own building services engineering department

More service for our clients: In addition to the long established workshops for cabinet making and metal working, Kamper has in 2018 installed its own building services engineering (BSE) department. Kamper, thus, now has a highly flexible  team of in-house experts who support clients with state of the art HVAC and electrical engineering-solutions while also evaluating energy and cost saving possibilities. These BSE-engineers act at the interfaces between our project managers and our sub-contractors and enrich with their planning and expertise Kamper’s portfolio in all fields of modern HVAC and electrical engineering.

DI Christian Rigler, Head of MEP Department: “There are many ways to supply buildings with electric current, light, air, heating, and cooling. Each project asks for an individually conceived solution; rules, regulations, and standards are to be fulfilled, all this with an eye to efficiency and cost saving. Our challenge is to consider all these requirements along the process chain from initial consulting meetings through the planning and implementation phases. This service guarantees the best solution in each case.”

Find more information on the services of our BSE-department at https://www.kamper.at/en/craft/bse/.


March 06, 2019

Young Styrians go Europe – metal construction apprentice on internship in Malta

In Autumn 2018 our apprentice in the metal construction department took part in the project “Young Styrians go Europe” and spent three weeks on the island of Malta. This project, funded through Erasmus+ by the Styrian Volkswirtschaftliche Gesellschaft (association for educational support), invites ambitious apprentices to take part in an international internship programme. This was the second time, our apprentice took part and had the chance to not only smell fresh sea air but assist the Attard Bros Group in works such as producing and installing railings, welding frame constructions and repairing a truck. Apprentice Lukas Haberl: “Again this was an awesome experience, travelling to Malta for this exchange programme abroad and I am very glad that KAMPER gave me the opportunity to take part.”

While the improvement of foreign language as well as theoretical and practical technical skills are major features of this project, the development of social and personal competences is simply amazing. Reason enough for KAMPER Handwerk+Bau to integrate such projects into regular apprentice training.

February 11, 2019

Two technical diploma theses to be finished shortly

KAMPER likes to promote talented up-and-coming students, the higher the practical relevance the better. Since last autumn, two students of FH Joanneum (University of Applied Sciences in Graz: Construction Management and Engineering) have been engaged to write their theses with Kamper. One investigates the Structure and conceptualization of building specifications for the client in order to maintain the quality of the construction. The results of this thesis will eventually be summarized into a manual to ease the practical use of sometimes very bulky technical specification documents and to establish a common understanding of the rules and duties related to general contractor’s-works once they have been handed over. The second thesis deals with Quality control of General Contractors works at the interfaces of individual crafts internally and externally. With this thesis, a tool is being developed and programmed to ease the monitoring and documentation duties related to ongoing quality controls by the general contractor and his sub-contractors. Mag. Friederike Prassl: “It is so much fun to work with so highly motivated students. Their visits on our construction sites have certainly further increased their understanding of our job and duties!”

January 08, 2019

KAMPER Christmas party 20th of December 2018

On the last Thursday before Christmas, the KAMPER management traditionally invited the entire team to a magnificent Christmas party. This year’s location was the Panoramahotel Steirerland in Kitzeck, a little winegrowing village close to the head office. The 4-course dinner was again delightful and one of the high-lights of this year’s party was a superb performance of two highly renowned Austrian comedians, Peter Moizi and Rolf Lehman. After their hilarious imitations of politicians and sports people, CEOs Markus Kleindienst and Martin Kamper presented their 2018 review. As this year’s second special, KAMPER employees had the opportunity of being caricatured by a painter on site. Finally, the party with DJ Tom was amazing and lasted well into the early hours.


October 02, 2018

KAMPER now equipped with new 5 axis CNC milling machine

Just as our projects vary largely in demand the machines in our wood and metal workhops have to be highly versatile. In May 2018, a new edge banding machine was integrated into our machine park, now a brand-new 5 axis milling machine, with highly-rigid and oscillation-absorbing fibre-reinforced machine bed has been installed.

Manuel Pampel, division manager CNC:” This new 5 axis CNC milling machine enables us to process freeform surfaces and workpieces as long as 7575mm and 1900mm width and up to 30mm thickness. We continuously invest in our state of the art machine park to keep up with the high expectations of our customers and – not to forget – to guarantee the highest possible safety standards”.

July 02, 2018

Römerlauf 2018 – KAMPER team spirit again unbeatable

Some 2500 participants and 350 staff made the Römerlauf 2018, sponsored by KAMPER, very special to all involved. 41 KAMPER employees and relatives joined in on the 30th of June to run or walk the 10 km course through Leibnitz, passing Seggauberg and Sulmsee. KAMPER was once again awarded the price for being the largest team and received a voucher worth € 500,- to party at Buschenschank Kieslinger on nearby Kogelberg.

June 25, 2018

Summer BBQ 2018

On Friday, 22nd of June 2018 the KAMPER team followed the invitation of the workers council to the annual BBQ party at the company’s premises in Tillmitsch.

Even though the temperatures were low moods were high: In cosy campfire atmosphere, many partied until the early morning hours.

April 25, 2018

New Motel One has opened in Lübeck’s old town center

Right next to the pedestrian zone and in the ancient merchant’s quarter of the leading city of the Hanseatic League a new Motel One with a capacity of 250 rooms opened these days. Once again the design concept is well rooted in the history of Lübeck: Imprints and writings on the stacked boxes of the bar shelves are reminders to the Lübeck wedding. Project manager Johannes Pratscher recalls: ”This time we were challenged with new surface treatment techniques and the results were more than convincing. Themes of the hotel’s design were delicately engraved into the solid wood planks only to receive a golden lacquer coating. Glass tiles were elegantly paired with solid wood constructions and brass elements, and now together make the distinguished shelves. It is these challenges off the norm that turn our job interesting and diverse.”

© Motel One Lübeck

April 25, 2018

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards – the most stylish restaurants in the world.

This year again, the most stylish restaurants in the world will be selected by the Restaurant & Bar Design Award 2018. Be it the airport bistro or the starred restaurant: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards seek and select the most extravagant projects of any subsequent year. Interior designers, architects and designers were invited to submit projects that were realized in 2017. Strohecker architects did so with the new Casino Graz Bar and Restaurant for both of which Kamper was commissioned as general contractor and both bar and restaurant are nominees in the categories “Europe Restaurant” and “Europe Bar”! We would like to congratulate to this success already and hope that the Casino Graz will eventually stand out among all other renowned submissions from more than 70 countries and receive a well-earned award for their amazing bar and restaurant.

April 16, 2018

Teambuilding Riegersburg April 2018

On Friday 13th of April 2018, 60 courageous employees of Kamper embarked on a journey into to the world of Middle-Age myths and sagas in the woods around Riegersburg castle. The teams followed historic paths leading to the majestic castle complex.  In order to save it from tumbling the teams had to go on various quests that required skill, bravery and comradeship: be it on a veritable hell-ride over dragon valley, during combat training or at the archery stand.

All teams celebrated their glorious triumph over the menace with a feast lasting into the evening hours.

February 08, 2018

Laser engravings with gold finish

New projects bring about new techniques, this time we experimented with laser engravings in wooden surfaces and golden lacquer treatment. We are as intrigued by the result as our customer is. Following the design concept of the hotel, delicate patterns were lasered into wooden elements and finally received their golden finish. It is these unusual tasks that keep us challenged and creative.

January 10, 2018

Motel One Amsterdam-Waterlooplein inaugurated

Inspired by nearby Watlerloopleinmarkt with its highly frequented flea market, the new Motel One Amsterdam-Waterlooplein opened its doors to the guests at the end of December 2017. It is situated in the city centre, quite close to both the National Opera House and the Rembrandt house. The theme of this design hotel is best described as “perfectly imperfect”: In cooperation with internationally renowned artist Piet Hein Eek, the One Lounge of the hotel was turned into an cosy area where antique and used items were melted into a design composition of its own. The wall claddings are made of old windows, doors and cabinets, chandeliers made of old flea market finds and a massive work bench with specifically designed table lamps invites the guests to dwell a little creative while. The cabinet making works of the public areas were produced and “upcycled” in KAMPER’s workshops.

© Motel One Amsterdam

January 08, 2018

KAMPER ended 2017 on a high note with a splendid Christmas Party at Genusswerk PUR

KAMPER ended 2017 on a high note with a splendid Christmas Party at Genusswerk PUR

To see the old year out, KAMPER celebrated their fabulous Christmas Party on the 21st of December 2017 at Genusswerk PUR in Raaba. After a delicious choice of starters and exquisite variants of main courses the owners took the occasion to summarize yet another successful year in this festive atmosphere and to thank Andrea Matzer and Gernot Weninger for their 30th and Herbert Reinbacher for his 20th anniversary as employees of Kamper. Great entertainment was guaranteed with well-known magician Christoph Kulmer and live music by Take Seven – perfect for dancing into the early morning.

It was a great final event for a great year after which everyone parted into his or her well-earned holidays. Everyone is relaxed, full of energy and more than ready to start into a new year!


December 01, 2017

Unique surface treatment made by Kamper GmbH

We often prove masterly craftsmanship in surface treatment with delicate high gloss surfaces. This time we were faced with a rare and complex challenge: We created a carbonized solid oak-wood table top for a meeting room. This technique is used to create a unique and astounding look. Repeated brushing and several oil treatments lead to the characteristic finish.

October 31, 2017

KAMPER has received national honours as apprenticing company

One of the columns of success are excellent training programmes for apprentices and KAMPER has a long tradition in investing in this field. From 1977 on, more than 100 apprentices have learned their profession as joiner or metal worker at KAMPER. A number of KAMPER’s management or executive employees have started their careers as apprentice in the own company.

Since equality of chances is an important matter, once a year an apprentice with handicap, be it social or physical, is invited to take up a vocational training at KAMPER. One such example was a deaf apprentice who successfully passed his training to become a joiner.

KAMPER has always applied high standards to apprentice training and has now been officially awarded national honours by the state, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Workers’ Chamber as apprenticing company.

Chief apprentice trainer Gernot Weninger: “We offer our apprentices a number of additional benefits. Additional training programmes and seminars are integral part of our in-house training, the very ambitious ones are even the opportunity to take part in European Apprentice Exchange programmes and do so for free. I feel particularly honoured that KAMPER is the first Styrian joiner’s company to be rewarded in such a festive atmosphere with such magnificent honours.”


© HBF/ Karlovits

October 16, 2017

Dom Museum Vienna refurbished

At the beginning of October, after five years of reconstruction works, this important Museum reopened its doors to the public. Together with the face lift and architectural reorganization, the name also changed from “Archiepiscopal Cathedral and Diocesan Museum” to “Dom Museum Vienna”. The Archdiocese of Vienna undertook great effort to renew the museum’s layout, architecture and furniture, to establish the collection within the diverging contexts of art, church and society. KAMPER Handwerk+Bau GmbH was commissioned with the production of the furniture, display cases and wall claddings, designed by Univ.Prof.Mag. Boris Podrecca.

Project manager Gerald Offenbacher tells: ”It was a real challenge to develop the technical solutions necessary to meet all different specifications vital for the preservation of the treasuries. We are talking about unique and irreplaceable objects which are presented in various display cases, all requiring very different climatic surroundings.”

© Hertha Hurnaus, Dom Museum Wien

September 21, 2017

Meissl und Schadn – a new restaurant in the Grand Ferdinand Hotel

In mid-September, Graz’s innovative hotelier Florian Weitzer opened his new restaurant “Meissl und Schadn” in the Grand Ferdinand Hotel at Vienna’s Schubertring. The “Meissl & Schadn” revives both a piece of Viennese history and finest Viennese Cuisine tradition. Alongside Tafelspitz and Applestrudel the stage has been set for the original Wiener Schnitzerl. While last year and in record time the Lounge on the Grand Etage was installed, this summer KAMPER was commissioned with the general contractor’s works for the installation of the new open elegant kitchen. Guests may watch the Schnitzels or strudels being cooked and may upon prior request even prepare their own proper Schnitzel twice a week.

Project manager Martin Sostar: “It was exceptional to be witness of the revival of this particular piece of Viennese tradition right in the heart of Vienna.”

© Grand Ferdinand

July 24, 2017

Römerlauf 2017

Perfect weather for the 2500 participants of 11th edition of the Römerlauf – an amazing running event near Leibnitz – on July 15th 2017. Kamper was not only one of the sponsors, 43 highly motivated runners and Nordic walkers of the company took part and this won KAMPER the award for the largest participating team and thus a voucher for a tour to a wine tavern!

June 28, 2017

Restoration of the exterior of the Casino Salzburg

The renovation works at Klessheim Castle proceeded at a busy speed these last months. Back in spring 2015, the renovation works started, first with the construction of two extension buildings with a total area of 1,045m2 at the back side of the castle. In this second phase, the roof, the truss and the façade of the Casino Salzburg are being restored. Works at the façade are nearly accomplished: the cleaning of the stone, the repair works at all windows and metal sheets and the surface. So far, more than 11,000 hours went into the restoration of the roof, sculptures and stone elements!

Project manager Mag. (FH) Ing. Martin Sostar: „ The restoration of historic Klessheim Castle is proceeding fast. With a thoughtful eye to every detail and in intense cooperation with the Federal Monuments Office, the Casinos Austria very carefully seek to conserve most of the original appearance of this 18th century castle. Our long-term experience in the renovation and restoration of historic buildings is a valuable asset in this project.”


© Casinos Austria

June 26, 2017

Summer Party 2017

On Friday, 23rd of June 2017, the workers‘ council of KAMPER Handwerk+Bau GmbH once again invited all employees to celebrate the beginning of the summer and holiday season. Not even a heavy thunderstorm could dampen the good mood: With a delicious BBQ, beer and wine the celebrations lasted into the early morning hours.

June 01, 2017

Red Bull Salzburg to celebrate their Championship against the backdrop of the stunning Casino Salzburg Façade

This Sunday, Austrian soccer champion Red Bull Salzburg celebrated their victorious season in front of Klessheim Castle, in which the Casinos Austria operates its Salzburg Casino. In 2016 only this Casino was reopened after grand renovation and extension works with KAMPER as general contractor for all works, while the Casino was fully open. In the course of these renovation works, the façade, too, was thoroughly renovated – and now served as stage set for the spectacular celebration. The event opened with Austrian musician Julian le Play, DJ Felice and the Red Bull Skydive Team, followed by the much-awaited appearance of the team, trainers and staff on the balcony of the castle. The evening was closed with a magnificent firework.

May 29, 2017

KAMPER apprentices took off to new horizons

At the end of April, two apprentices of KAMPER were given the opportunity to take part in an apprentice exchange programme and thus spent three weeks in the United Kingdom for an internship abroad. Both, one a joiner, one a metal worker, are in their second year of their vocational training and spent the three weeks together at a guest family in Portsmouth. A big metal working company and a small cabinet maker welcomed the courageous youngsters where each soon contributed to the daily work.

Gernot Weninger, works council member and responsible for apprentice training: “Since Kamper operates on an international level, this project immediately appealed to our management and two of our apprentices were given the chance to take part. The feedback of both was and is very positive. They were not only able to improve their English but also gained valuable experience and off course many impressions, particularly when they went to visit London. This experience will no doubt have a very positive effect on their career.”

This internship exchange project, organised by IBD Partnership and Erasmus+, aims at strengthening the confidence of the participants in themselves and to foster independent behaviour.

May 15, 2017

KAMPER successfully recertified according to ISO 9001:2015

In the beginning of May, SystemCert, a certification agency based in Leoben, conducted the re-certification audit according to ISO 9001:2015 in the KAMPER head office. SystemCert confirmed that KAMPER fulfils the rules and regulations according to their ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

CEO Martin Kamper: ”First class product quality and satisfied customers are always on top of our agenda. Since the very first certification 20 years ago, KAMPER has been striving to continuously improve in all fields. KAMPER conceives quality management as work in progress and consider it vital to secure and widen the know-how of the company. In the course of the introduction of the ISO 9001:2015, published in September 2015, we have invested in professional quality management software. For us, this renewed certification proves our decision right and most certainly makes us proud.”




May 09, 2017

It is SOAP-Time – KAMPER supporting the styriarte also in 2017

The Styrian Festival for classical and old musik, styriarte 2017, will take place from June 23rd until July 23rd and Kamper once again is pleased to  support this event. This year, KAMPER assumed the patronage for the Nurejew.SOAP on 12th of July, at 7 pm in the Helmut List Hall in Graz. Fans of classical music and ballet will be able to enjoy an evening with the Chamber Orchestra Modus 21 under Erich Polz, and actor Gregor Seberg (especially known as inspector Helmuth Nowak in the “Soko Donau” TV-thrillers) who will read about the oustanding life of ballet dancer Rudolf Nurejew. We are looking forward to this evening with great joy!

Further information about this evening under styriarte.com.

April 26, 2017

KAMPER team equipped with travelling bags

Common Corporate Design for all our business trips and a little thank you on the occasion of the fiscal-year end – the entire KAMPER team has been given new stylish and top-quality travelling bags upon the Easter holidays. Some are obviously already looking forward to their next trips …

April 18, 2017

KAMPER yet again certified with Austrian Quality Seal (“Österreichischer Musterbetrieb”)

The ÖQA Quality Austria (Austrian Society for the Promotion of Quality) has again rewarded KAMPER with the Austrian Quality Seal and has thus certified KAMPER as Austrian Model Company. To be rewarded with the Austrian Quality Seal as Austrian Model Company is an internationally acknowledged distinctive mark and a guarantor for domestic quality. This seal honours companies that show outstanding performances and continuously work on the improvement of their quality.

CEO Martin Kamper, MSc: “ISO 9001 and EN 1090 certificates are off course important for us, but the be allowed to bear the Austrian Quality Seal is something in particular and we are indeed happy that our commitment has been rewarded again.”

March 27, 2017

The Chapel will soon be ready to be moved to its final destination

With the works at the Chapel well advanced the time is near to disassemble it again and bring it to its final destination. Farewell!

February 13, 2017

KAMPER proves excellent craftsmanship with chapel

It is no secret that KAMPER acts masterly as general contractor in various hotel and private residence projects, be they new buildings, renovations, enlargements or reconstructions, but KAMPER still holds craftsmanship in high esteem. This beautiful wooden chapel is currently under construction in the workshop!

January 04, 2017

KAMPER Christmas Party 2016 – grand end to a successful year

On December 22nd 2016, the Managing Board invited to the Christmas Party in the timber frame hall of the Seifenfabrik in Graz.

The reception opened with mulled wine and champagne which were followed by a delicious buffet with a broad variation of starters, main courses, salads and desserts. Rafaela and Martin Kamper were happy to look back to a successful year and opened the stage for the music, everbody celebrated and danced in to the morning hours.

A wonderful night has put an end to an eventful year after which everybody could finally start well-deserved holidays.

© Pixelmaker

December 20, 2016

KAMPER says a big THANK YOU to its suppliers

On the 15th of December, the executive board of KAMPER celebrated a successful 2016 with its suppliers. Upon arrival at the airport in Cologne, the party guests were picked up with Hummer limousines and taken to the Steigenberger Cologne hotel that was only recently renovated by KAMPER. After the check-in, they strolled on a guided tour through the old town of Cologne and to the magnificent dome. The evening reception took place in the 5***** Hyatt Regency where Kamper finished its interior refurbishing works only weeks ago. Accompanied by piano music, the guests enjoyed a delicious 4-course Christmas meal and concluded the evening at the bar with a drink or two. The reactions met the expectations: “[…] still overwhelmed, I would like to thank for this two-day trip to Cologne. It was perfectly organised, we had time to talk with partners in a very relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed a programme that was well-conceived. Not easy to find an event like this one elsewhere”, “It was very nice to see how KAMPER values its suppliers and cherishes the value of good relations.”

CEO Martin Kamper: “Success in the construction business comes with cooperation – much like cogs that interlock. If one tooth breaks, others will have to step in and help it become a functioning part of the gear again. And it is just this interlocking action that we were so successful in installing on our sites with our partners. I want to thank all our faithful and our long year project partners for the great contribution they made and wish everyone relaxing holidays and a successful 2017!”

November 30, 2016

KAMPER spreads good mood with yummy Christmas bakery

Together with bustling bakers, our CEOs Rafaela and Martin KAMPER spent busy weekends in the kitchen: More than 150 kilos of Christmas bakery were made and will be distributed as sweet Christmas presents in the weeks to come.

We wish you a merry and peaceful Advent time!

November 21, 2016

KAMPER Handwerk+Bau GmbH is proud of its credit standing: For 2016 Creditreform awarded the status “very good”

The Credit Agency Creditreform Wirtschaftsauskunftei Kubicki GK awarded KAMPER the creditworthiness index 197! In times of rising insolvency figures, KAMPER, being a family business in third generation, is of course proud to have been categorized and confirmed as economically reliable and sound company.


November 18, 2016

Kamper networking @ Park Hyatt Wien, Symposium „Hoteltrends“

Claus Jacobs Network and the journal „Hotelbau“ invited to the top-class hospitality networking event „Hoteltrends – Stars der Stadt Wien & International“ which took place in the Park Hyatt Vienna on 17th and 18th of November 2016. Being an internationally acting general contractor specialised in the construction, renovation and expansion of first-class hotels, our participants took high interest in the presentations of key-figures in the European Hospitality Business, of high-rank business representatives and architects as well as specialists in project development, investment and banking.

November 08, 2016

In a record time, KAMPER as GC with its crafts creates a new lounge area in the Grand Ferdinand Hotel, Vienna

It took no more than four and a half days for KAMPER to create a new, very stylish lounge area in the existing restaurant area. 17 craftsmen of 7 disciplines (metal workers, floor layer, cabinet maker, electricians, drywall builder and painter, upholsterer and tile layer) joined in – even the entire floor of the restaurant area was cleaned and re-oiled at the same time, with the project managing lady contributing all her weight…

Project manager Mag. Friederike Prassl resumes: “To achieve such a goal in less than one week’s time is only possible with a team on site working well coordinated and in precisely timed interaction. I am proud that KAMPER once again could demonstrate flexibility and speed as general contractor with its own team of craftsmen.”


October 12, 2016

Mountain adventure to the Zirbitzkogel

On October 8th, the worker’s council invited to the yearly hiking tour which this year led to the Zirbitzkogel. Nine ambitious KAMPER employees conquered the elements and climbed the summit of the 2376m high mountain in spite of wind and snow. While at the starting point, the Sabathyhütte (1.620m), temperatures were still moderate, they dropped to icy -3°C on the summit. Exhausted but proud to have mastered the ascent to the peak in these conditions, the team of mountaineers shared a hearty soup to warm up again before they happily and safely returned via the Winterleitenhütte.

September 26, 2016

KAMPER on the Road

From now on, two more trailers will carry our design through Europe. Bon voyage!

September 21, 2016

Kamper girls and boys proudly wear their Styrian leather pants and dirndl dresses – season’s final BBQ at Kamper’s

On one of these beautiful late summer days in September, KAMPER’s worker’s council once again invited for a BBQ afternoon. Some of our team showed up in their beautiful Styrian fashion. What a pleasant sight!

August 29, 2016

Work-Health-Balance @ KAMPER

August 22, 2016

With high-speed into the weekend…

CEOs Rafaela and Martin Kamper shared an exciting weekend with business partners and employees: It started in good spirits with a stroll through the historic city of Graz on Friday night with Styrian delicacies and wine tasting. On Saturday, the KAMPER team demonstrated their high-speed approach offside hotel projects: From zero to one-hundred in less than 4 seconds – possible with 330 PS in the 790kg light KTM X-Bow! Having experienced unique driving pleasure with the swift and flexible open KTM X-Bow the group took the helicopter, piloted by some themselves, in sensational weather conditions through the beautiful HOCHSteiermark mountainous landscape to the famous restaurant Steirereck am Pogusch. After a delicious meal, some continued with the Harley to the KAMPER mountain lodge. The day ended with relaxed mushroom picking which later accompanied as nice dish a fine BBQ. Sunday started with a hiking tour in the Zirbitzkogel area in fresh mountain air before everyone had to say goodbye.

What a perfect weekend for everyone!

July 11, 2016

Summer barbeque party 2016

On July 1st, the KAMPER’s works council invited to the yearly Summer Party on the premises. Sunny temperatures, delicious BBQ specialities and fine Styrian wine all had their share in a pleasant event that, for some, lasted well into the early hours of the next day.

July 04, 2016

I have a dream

An impressive evening of the Styriarte 2016 music festival under the patronage of KAMPER Handwerk+Bau. Karl Markovics, well known as main actor in Rusowitzky’s “The Counterfeiters”, read from the most powerful texts that have ever been written on the cause of freedom – Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama. Accompanied by Gershwin, Strawinsky and Weill compositions it was an amazing and very inspiring evening.

June 23, 2016

More team building – Party boat trip on the Rhine

On Saturday 4th of June, 15 employees of Kamper and Sub-Contractors embarked on the AHOI Party Boat MW Rhein Energie. Floating along the beautiful panoramic scenery of Cologne and with formidable music they could recover from the strenuous last weeks and build up energy for the last and final intensive phase of the project.

May 16, 2016

KAMPER @ Businesslauf Graz

KAMPER’s workers‘ council invited the employees to participate in the Woche E-Businessmarthon on 12th of May 2016 close to the headquarter. In spite of unfavourable weather conditions, three highly motivated teams of 8 each mastered the distance of 42.195km. In the Nordic walking competition, the dedicated participants all covered their 5.257km.

May 03, 2016

Team building continuation – Bowling night in Cologne

Our Team in Cologne shows enthusiasm wherever they go: Lately Kamper’s project management team and colleagues from sub-companies met at a Bowling Center.

In their night out, the teams showed that they know how to combine fun and ambitious fight – two qualities that they will also prove to live in the upcoming weeks until mid of June, until when the 305 rooms, the public areas and conference halls will be refurbished.

April 11, 2016

Blind trust – team building evening in Cologne, March 2016

It was quite a surprise when, out of a sudden, the project team of the “Hotel Steigenberger Cologne” was picked up with a Karaoke-Taxi and taken to an undisclosed destination. It soon turned out that a “dinner in the dark” was about to take place in Germany’s first dark restaurant.

While the aperitif was served in dim candle light still, this was blown out once everyone was seated. The meal was served by a blind service crew, drinks had to be poured by the guests themselves. This not surprisingly caused some amusement. Within moments, the team had to develop trust in the neighbour and at the same time, not disturbed by visible influence, detected entirely new flavours in meals. And if someone had to leave the rooms he or she had to rely on a waitor to be taken and could not act on their own.

An exciting evening packed with new experiences!

April 04, 2016

Mandarin Oriental Munich – a culinary rendez-vouz between Bavaria an Japan to define highest standards anew

Where amazing luxury is decently shaped and precious materials and refined elegance come in pairs: KAMPER was awarded the renovation and redecoration works of the public areas in this 5* house which meant sophisticated demands, some of which only become apparent at second sight. The hotel in the very city centre of Munich which used to be a mill and is listed historical monument was renovated without interrupting ongoing business. Since the location did not allow for any storage or manipulation areas coordinating more than 20 companies who worked in parallel was an enormous task. Some 150 different materials were needed to renew floors, wall claddings, fire places, wall papers, ceilings and stairs. In line with Far Eastern tradition, real craftsmanship had to be provided. Computer-aided technology was not used for carving the delicate wooden panels and the surface of the reception desk was covered meticulously by gifted hands with duck-egg-shell in a historic manner. Hand-painted and hand-embroidered silk wall papers further represent oriental handcrafting.

Authorized officer and project Manager DI (FH) Markus Kleindienst MBA: “This renovation and refurbishment project was extraordinary for reasons of highest technical and design-related as well as organizational and coordinative challenges. We are proud that we mastered them all and are grateful about the confidence our Client had placed in us.”

© Mandarin Oriental


March 29, 2016

Successful repeat audit according to DIN ISO 9001:2008

In early March, the KAMPER Handwerk and Bau GmbH successfully passed the repeat audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The necessary review of processes, requirements and guidelines was carried out by the Quality Austria – Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH. Since its implementation in 1998, the Quality Management System of KAMPER is object of continuous development and improvement. The successful re-certification gives evidence of our company’s endeavour to comply with internationally recognized quality standards.

Martin Kamper, MSc (CEO): „Our many years of experience in project management and the resulting competence in linking all single crafts involved in interior fittings make us the ideal partner, no matter how big or small the project is. With this certification we ensure that our customers can rely on ISO 9001 certified quality work in their construction projects.“

KAMPER … mastering your project!

March 22, 2016

Grand opening of the Casino Salzburg in Klessheim Castle

On Friday evening (March 18th, 2016) the KAMPER team together with more than 1,500 guests celebrated the reopening of the renovated and expanded new casino in Salzburg. In this 14.3 million Euro project, KAMPER was commissioned as general contractor for the renovation and expansion of the site without interrupting ongoing business.

In total, over 200 people in more than 135,000 working hours were engaged in building the additions on the west facade and the fire protection and accessibility works. On the busiest construction day in October 2015, more than 100 construction workers were working simultaneously. 50,000 meters of cable, 2,597 m² of carpet and 550 m2 tiled floors were laid, 1,100 m² of wall covering replaced, 750 m³ of wood, 11,600 m² gypsum board and 18 tons of steel girders installed.

Authorized officer Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. (FH) Franz Ruzicka: “Without interrupting casino business and in perfect cooperation with the architects, the national heritage office and other project partners, KAMPER succeeded to get the Casino Salzburg in Klessheim Palace into shape for the future. And we are naturally proud!”

KAMPER … mastering your project!


March 20, 2016

KAMPER Christmas Party 2015 in the Mandarin Oriental Munich

On 17th of December 2015 the entire KAMPER crew made a journey to Munich to celebrate a successful year’s end. With two busses, the team first visited the Casino Salzburg in Klessheim Castle which had only just been refurbished by KAMPER to go on to Munich and visit the Christkindlmarkt. The Christmas party took place in Germany’s unique Nobu Matsuhisa Restaurant in the 5* Mandarin Oriental. Joyful celebrations went on far into the night. In the next morning the team took a short stroll through the city centre, went on the the BMW World Munich to enjoy both cars and architecture and journeyed home at the end of another exciting day!

March 18, 2016

Rafting Salza September 2015

On our Company Outing on 3 September 2015, more than 40 KAMPER employees were lucky enough to went for a half-day rafting trip at the Rafting Camp Palfau , followed by afternoon barbecue. Here you can see some impressions of the company event: