Lyoner Stern

Project: Lyoner Stern

Area: fire protection measures

Crafts: General contractor incl. sanitary, HVAC and electricians

Project start: May 2018

Period: 6 months

Volume: 1-5 Mio €

Involved: 30-50 persons

December 17, 2018

Refurbishment of office center „Lyoner Stern“ has made excellent progress

During the last few months various different adaptations and renovation works have been carried out in this 10 storey building, while business continued in areas that were not affected: In the parking garage all walls and pillars as well as doors and hydrants were newly coated, new signage and numbers were added to individual parking lots. A new steel emergency stairway was assembled and connected to the building including foundations and all openings and adjustments at the stone facade. Fire protection measures on all storeys, such as the creation fire compartments, new floorings, painter and drywall measures and new doors, were finished in time. In the lobby the old gallery was taken down and new suspended ceilings with integrated light panels, dividing walls with fall protection and fire proof glazing were installed. New wall claddings with perforated acoustically effective leather panels and a new reception desk add to the new design.

Additional furniture for the lobby as recently been ordered and will be installed in early 2019. Further tenant improvement works will be carried next year as well.

Project Manager Michael Kumpitsch:“As this year comes to an end, I would like to thank our client and the architects for their trust and amazing cooperation. And, off course, many thanks to all the tenants who most patiently have learned to cope with the ongoing construction works and have treated us with respect and understanding. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!“

May 23, 2018

Renovation of Lyoner Stern in Frankfort

KAMPER was commissioned with the renovation works (GC incl sanitary, HVAC and EE) for office center “Lyoner Stern”. On the 10 floors of this star-shaped complex fire protection between corridors and staircases have already been finished. Ceilings were opened, walls and floors demolished. In all wings and on all floors fire protection walls with their respective fire protection doors were installed. Accompanying measures like new floorings, painting and fire protection ceilings and fire proof bulkheads complete the scope. Michael Kumpitsch, project manager elaborates: “It is always quite a challenge to do renovation works while a building remains occupied. All areas are busy and different companies have different preferences as to building hours. Sometimes we work during the night, sometimes during weekends. In daily coordination meetings with the facility management we develop solutions that suit all parties. Anyway, performing under tricky conditions is something KAMPER is well known for.”