KAMPER has made climate protection one of its goals and invests in a photovoltaic plant supported by the European Fund for Regional Development

Responsible use of resources and awareness of our ecological foot print are more than words for Kamper. We sense our responsibility and have thus actively set ourselves an agenda to protect the environment by changed behaviour and by means of investments also. Photovoltaic plants that generate electricity from the sun are operated 100% climate neutral and do not produce any CO2 emissions. Thus, we decided to switch our power supply to renewable energies and will equip our premises with a PV-plant.

KAMPER’s energy consumption at the head-quarter is 630.0100 kWp per year, the new plant has been optimized for our individual supply and will generate 213.000 kWh or 33.8% of our yearly consumption with solar energy.

We are delighted that the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) supports our decision to invest in sustainable energy generation with funding. This support is being organized by the European Structural and Investment Funds which acts as an important catalyst for the maintenance of standards of living.

KAMPER sees it a duty to promote exemplary and sustainable action and is happy to contribute its share for a greener future.

For further information to IWB/EFRE go to www.efre.gv.at