MOTEL ONE Munich City West

Crafts: Cabinetmaking

Progress of project

June 07, 2017

Designhotel Munich City West in new splendor

With the beginning of May the renovation works in the Motel One Munich City West were finished – just as scheduled. All interim dividers have been removed and the newly refurbished breakfast, reception and lounge areas are open to the guests. In this house, situated close to the greatest folk festival of the world, the “Wiesn”, a genuine design mixes lamps made of brass instruments with folkloric “Schuhplattler”-Dancers printed on solid wooden planks, with Gingerbread hearts with their typical adages.

May 03, 2017

2nd Construction phase finished as planned

Just in time with the Easter weekend, on the 13th of April 2017, the second construction phase of the renovation works in the Motel One Munich City West was completed. The breakfast, lounge and bar areas have been redecorated in Bavarian Design and are now open and available for the guests. They seem to particularly appreciate the combination of the classic rustic wooden bar claddings with the black lacquered facetted mirrors of the bar back wall. The coffee stations that are intricately hidden behind engraved ornamented panels, have been meticulously planned.

Project manager Michael Kumpitsch: “The challenge really is to manage three construction phases on so little space while the hotel is open. If all works follow a highly strict and dense schedule, timely hand-overs are absolutely feasible.”

March 01, 2017

KAMPER to renovate in the design hotel Motel One Munich-City-West

This week, renovation works began and until the end of April all public areas will be renewed while the hotel remains open. Kamper acts as general contractor for all necessary works in the entrance area, reception, lounge and lobby, starting with demolition and finishing with the last wallpaper. This design hotel has been redesigned under the theme „Die Wiesn“, the greatest folk festival with funfair worldwide. It is only ten minutes from the hotel in walking distance. As Michael Kumpitsch, the project manager says: “We are certainly very happy to be Motel One‘s partner in the Bavarian capital also.“