Motel One Nürnberg-Hauptbahnhof

Crafts: Cabinetmaking

Progress of project

September 02, 2020

Furniture for the Motel One Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof to be produced by Kamper.

Motel One already runs two houses in Nuremberg: The house at Plaerrer place with 133 rooms and the house on Bahnhofstrasse with some 200 respectively. The third house – and with more than 500 rooms by far the greatest – is currently under construction on the ground of the former main post office at the main station of Nuremberg. KAMPER will furnish the cabinet making works for the public areas. Project manager Matthias Pratter: “Probably the biggest challenge of this project will be to lift those voluminous furniture items for bar and breakfast areas that are too large for the elevators with a crane to the 14th floor and redistribute them from there to their final place on the floors below.”