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Progress of project

August 17, 2016

Steigenberger- luxury hotel reopened in new splendor

The Steigenberger Hotel on Rudolfsplatz in Cologne reopened these days after a 4 month renovation period. KAMPER was the General Contractor for the project and responsible for the modernisation of 305 rooms and suites, meeting rooms, the ball room, restaurant and bar. A total of € 23 mio were invested by the Steigenberger Hotel Group who purchased the listed building back in 2015. Paintings by artist Kyrill Koval, showing different views of Cologne, add a particular touch to the rooms and corridors of the 4**** house.

“In unprecedented 4 months, KAMPER has done the nearly impossible”, says CEO BM DI(FH) Rafaela Kamper. “Coordinating the work of up to 375 workers who simultaneously carried out theirs tasks on site is an incredible job. But our team was amazing and performed with excellent quality. Again we have shown that KAMPER is able to realize huge and challenging projects with next to no lead time and within an extremely tight schedule. These are special moments, when you find yourself standing in the lobby, watching the housekeeping do the last flower arrangements, when you finally pause for a moment and feel tears of joy trickling down your cheeks and you know that the impossible has been done. I am proud of our performance and so utterly proud of our team!”

August 01, 2016

First pictures of the hotel rooms

June 06, 2016

Only 14 days to go…

There is still work to do on our construction site in North Thine-Westphalia, but CEO BM DI(FH) Rafaela Kamper is confident: “ Now it is time for final touches, two more weeks and we will hand over the hotel as scheduled!”

May 04, 2016

Working on an empty stomach? Not a good idea…

KAMPER acknowledges the effort and endeavour of all its 200 to 240 man workforce in Cologne and thus – for the next seven weeks – a food truck with Cologne sausage, French fries and soft drinks will be there every Tuesday to serve the team for free. Good appetite!


April 13, 2016

Construction site photos

April 11, 2016

KAMPER Construction site sign at airy height

Visible from afar is KAMPER’s presence at the hotel construction site in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Getting the 7.2 by 6m large transparent to the façade, however, was anything else than the easy job…

March 17, 2016

The countdown is running! Big challenge to be mastered by KAMPER

On International Women’s Day, successful CEO BM DI (FH) Rafaela Kamper met Spanish investors to countersign the order as general contractor for the reconstruction of the 4*+ hotel in Nordrhein-Westfalen. While she signed the contract consisting of a total of 19 folders in Berlin, the construction site management team celebrated already the great order.

75% of KAMPER’s projects are carried out with returning customers. “It’s a great pleasure for us to show our performance to our new Spanish client!” says Rafaela Kamper. Now we are excited to master this hotel project!

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