08. Jänner 2024

A demanding construction project successfully completed on behalf of the RAINER Group!”Visions made possible” since 1964.

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© www.mw-architekturfotografie.at
© www.mw-architekturfotografie.at

Project Duration: 2 Years

We at KAMPER Handwerk + Bau successfully managed the demolition of a four-story fitness and event center above a Eurospar market. The biggest challenge was to avoid disrupting the ongoing operations of the Eurospar market while minimizing noise and dust pollution.

New Construction Project Starting October 2022

Starting in October 2022, the construction of a modern, five-story residential complex with 116 units – ranging from single apartments to family homes – began. The building was sustainably equipped with a photovoltaic system to generate eco-friendly energy.

Handover April 2024

On April 2024, we successfully handed over the completed building to the client, the RAINER Group.

Trade Coordination by KAMPER

Coordination of 21 trades – a challenge we met with passion and professionalism.

An Innovative Construction Project with a Sustainable Focus

Thanks to the precise coordination of all trades and the highest quality standards, we have realized an innovative and sustainable residential project. This project represents modern construction methods that combine ecological and economic aspects, making a significant contribution to sustainable urban development.

Visions Made Possible by KAMPER.

“An estate by the Rainer Group.”

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