Parkhotel Egerner Höfe


A sincere love for their own county and a true passion for details – these might well be the two features that perfectly round up the result of 9 months of renovation works at Parkhotel Egerner Höfe. The team of LSA Architekten GmbH were chosen to create a unique place that invites their guest to dwell.

WE at KAMPER embarked on this 9-month journey with true commitment and put our heart and soul into a project full of real challenges: Producing and installing vast bespoke wall claddings was an adventure in itself and there was no corner that had not been meticulously designed and needed to be taken care of with much devotion. But this is what we love doing, this is where we are in our element.

The choice of materials was clear right from the beginning: Oak meets brass in a masterly way requiring great craftsmanship. The redesign of the entrée with lobby, bar, library, reception and lounge areas was done with 100% KAMPER passion. Clear-cut design, precise straight moulding plus the additional acoustic properties were melted into a convincing design that creates a cosiness of its own. And again, solid wood and brass, delicately joint. The same goes with the exclusive restaurant Dichter, honoured with a Michelin star, where refined architectural details elegantly complement the chef’s creations. The leather rhomboid wall and ceiling cladding elements render balanced cosiness to the large glazed areas. Precision, heart and soul are the triangulating the concept Egerner Höfe stands for and were equally needed by KAMPER to meet this demand.

All-together, Kamper was awarded the cabinet making works for:

  • 81 suites and rooms, where regional natural materials, wallpapers and textile wall claddings and traditional frame constructions set the tone
  • The spa- and indoor-pool areas, with its stunning linear and clear-cut design of oak claddings on ceiling and walls
  • The Hofkino, a luxury indoor cinema theatre, a room that wishes to address all senses, with an elegant colour scheme and acoustically ideal for either film or sports broadcast
  • The in-house designer shop – in oak and gold-anodized aluminium, following the design concept of the entire house
  • The show cases that meet high security standards while catching the eye, equalling the high standard of the precious objects on display, such as watches by WEMPE.

KAMPER’s participation in the Hotel Egerner Höfe refurbishment was a journey adorned with several quests to be mastered and is most certainly a highlight in KAMPER’s list of references. Even if the process of realization has now been finished, the guests still perceive the devotion that was invested by each and any party involved to turn the first design studies into such a masterpiece.