Realizing the impossible.

Masterful metalworking:

customised solutions for large-scale projects and design dreams.

Where the sparks fly.

Our metalworking shop plays a vital role in fulfilling a wide range of customers‘ requirements. It manufactures essential components for large-scale projects, precision pieces, and extraordinary design elements likewise. Every stroke of the hammers reflects our metalworkers‘ commitment and craftsmanship, which are crucial for KAMPER’s success. In our metalworking shop, tradition and modernity merge into a unique symbiosis. We rely on proven craftsmanship interacting with innovative technologies and state-of-the-art machinery, enabling us to achieve precision in every weld seam and to deliver creativity in every item.

Our team of dedicated metalworking specialists is experienced and always open to new challenges. Their passion for their craft is reflected in every project. At KAMPER, we rely on the interplay of tradition, innovation, and human skill.

Steel is our nature, and we make the impossible possible.

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